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  • Do you accept insurance?
    I do not accept insurance because I believe it is in the best interest of my patients not to accept insurance. I want to provide my patients with whatever treatments they need to get better. Accepting insurance limits my treatment options to what the insurance company will cover. If you do have insurance, contact them and find out how you can apply for reimbursement.
  • Will my insurance reimburse me for treatment?
    Most insurance plans cover outpatient treatment. However, many require a referral from your primary doctor prior to treatment. You should contact your insurance carrier to learn their requirements, if there are deductibles, what they cover, and what paperwork you need to submit for reimbursement.
  • Do I need a referral from my doctor to be treated?
    No; I can help you without a referral. However, many insurance companies do require physician referrals. If you plan on requesting reimbursement from your insurance company, you should contact them and find out what they require.
  • What are your hours?
    I see patients by appointment only, and the hours I treat are flexible. Please call or email me, and we will work out a time that is convenient for you.
  • My lower back has hurt for years and nothing seems to help. What can you do?
    First, I would identify what is causing the pain. It could be scar tissue from an old injury. It could be poor muscle flexibility. It could be the result of an improper gait pattern. It could be caused by many different things. Once I have figured out the cause, I would then establish a program to correct it. My guess is, nothing seems to help because no one has yet identified what is causing the pain.
  • What other pain can you ease?
    I specialize in pain caused by soft tissue specific dysfunction, regardless of where the pain is located. Sometimes, the pain someone feels in their hip is actually caused by scar tissue in their knee. I love the challenge of chronic pain. I never know where I will find the cause of the pain. Something wrong in your foot can lead to an improper gait pattern which can lead to chronic pain in your back. It is a lot like putting together the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle; you can't just do the border and be done. You have to find where everything connects to make the full picture come together. And I LOVE puzzles!
  • What kind of treatment should I expect?
    Every treatment program includes patient involvement. I will treat you with a focused hands-on program that may include massage cupping, gait analysis, neuromuscular re-education, soft tissue manipulation, joint mobilization, myofascial release, electrostimulation, massage, stretching and/or exercise. I may require you do some homework to get better and stay healthy. It will all depend on what I discover is causing your pain. I never use any canned protocols; every treatment program I establish is unique to each patient.
  • Who will be treating me?
    I personally treat every physical therapy patient and massage client.
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