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Shortridge Integrated Physical Therapies

Hands-On Holistic Healing


Physical Therapy

A doctor of physical therapy, I specialize in manual therapy applications integrated with exercises, neuromuscular techniques, and other modalities for the ultimate improvement of your acute or chronic pain.


Visceral Manipulation

Your organs all have connective tissue that can be restricted and then affect other areas of the body. This technique has been an amazing addition to the clinic for the unsolvable, mystery problems

that patients have had difficulty

with in the past.


Massage & Cupping

Massage therapy is a great way to improve circulation, decrease stress, and improve general function.  This is also a great way for us to find any ailments before they become a problem for you. Cupping is an ancient Asian technique using suction to treat edema and soft tissue dysfunction.  This technique has many applications for a variety of ailments.


Cold Laser

Cold laser is a painless, sterile, non-invasive modality used to treat injuries, muscle and joint pain, inflammation, and other conditions. The laser penetrates deep in the tissue to promote the healing process, and is an incredibly effective tool used in conjunction with other modalities. 

My Approach

Every treatment program includes patient involvement. I'll treat you with a focused hands-on program that may include massage cupping, gait analysis, neuromuscular re-education, soft tissue manipulation, joint mobilization, myofascial release, electrostimulation, massage, stretching and/or exercise, and may require you do some homework to get better and stay healthy. I never use any canned protocols; every treatment program I establish is unique to each patient and depends on what I discover is causing your pain. 

About Me

When I work with a client and they are able to move without pain, or they take a step they couldn't before, or they move a joint that was previously stuck, their wowed expression makes my day.

As a doctor of physical therapy, certified massage therapist and personal trainer, I work with people of all ages to help them achieve healthy mobility, recover from injury, and improve their movement patterns to avoid future injury.  I am constantly educating myself on new research and best practices, and use everything I know about soft tissue mobilization, stretching, and exercise to personalize each treatment plan. 

Pain is such a stressor to the system. Melanie's ability to listen holistically, find the root problem and approach it as a challenge to be met head on is amazing.

Inga G.

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