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My Approach

I specialize in pain caused by soft tissue specific dysfunction, regardless of where the pain is located.  Sometimes, the pain someone feels in their hip is actually caused by scar tissue in their knee. I love the challenge of chronic pain because I never know where I'll find its cause.  Something wrong in your foot can lead to an improper gait pattern which can lead to chronic pain in your back. It is a lot like putting together the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle; you can't just do the border and be done. You have to find where everything connects to make the full picture come together.  And I LOVE puzzles!

Every treatment program includes patient involvement. At our first meeting, we'll talk thoroughly about your history; I'll ask about your pain, its location, and any past injures to uncover the cause of your pain. I will then treat you with a personalized, focused hands-on program that may include massage cupping, gait analysis, neuromuscular re-education, soft tissue manipulation, joint mobilization, myofascial release, electrostimulation, and massage, stretching and exercise, and may require you do some homework to get better and stay healthy. I never use any canned protocols;  every treatment program I establish is unique to each patient. 

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